Monday, February 8, 2010

Today in Pictures

Senses of the Day
1. SMELL of the day: green onion.
2. SOUND of the day: waves washing up on a Nantucket beach.
3. FEEL of the day: warm wool blanket.
4. SIGHT of the day: snow covering my yard outside my window.
5. TASTE of the day: homemade cheese, onion, tomato, chicken quesadilla.

Randoms of the Day
1. MOVIE of the day: What Happens in Vegas.
2. PLACE of the day: New York City.
3. COLOR of the day: Wild Strawberry Tea.
4. LOOK of the day: grey sweatpants, thick hoodie, no fingernail polish, barefoot.
5. NAME of the day: Joy.

DISCOVERIES of the day:
1. Alan from the Hangover is Jack's friend in What Happens in Vegas.
2. Zooey Deschanel plays Jovie in Elf. Who knew?

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