Monday, February 22, 2010

IF ONLY... it was spring already!

I am getting very anxious for the arrival of springtime. Winter was great, but I am very ready to see the snow melt away to a sunny, warm spring day. If you are also excited for spring, here is a picture of what we have to look forward to:

What is really getting me excited is the arrival of spring clothes at the stores. I keep getting magazines full of spring skirts, dresses, and shoes. I cannot wait to take a seasonal shopping spree and fill my closet with new, bright, warm-weather clothes! A few of the items I would love to own...

1) Candy apple red sweater- perfect for a 60 degree spring day.
2) This adorable blue-grey polkadot skirt from Delias
3) These sandals are made from recycled rice bags- so they are bright, colorful, earth-friendly, AND each pair is unique.
4) Currently in LOVE with Hard Candy nail polish, this sunshiney yellow is perfect for spring!
5) Soft tone peachy pink lipstick

And, is it too early to start thinking about summer? I'm not usually a fan of underwire swimming suits, but this floral one from Billabong is adorable!


  1. i forgot all about hard candy nail polish! love those sandals.

  2. Ya I really love the Hardy Candy brand nail polish- it covers really well and all the colors have such a unique twist to them. Yes, I adore those sandals too!