Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little update...

1. Live my life with no regrets. I'm sure I could be doing a lot better on this resolution, but I am trying new things and working hard to have a positive attitude. I can already notice a difference- without being so negative all the time, I am already a lot happier!

2. Never again use my bank account as an excuse for not being able to dress as I would like. Hmm... this one is a little harder. I see so many items of clothing I absolutely LOVE- then I look at the price tag. But, I am good at bargain-finding, it's just a little more challenging to find good clothes within the price range, but it is possible. Also, I have a good rule to go by when I shop: I very rarely buy anything that is over $15, if it is any more than that, I have to seriously think about how much I really need it.

3. Organize my life- starting with my room, purse, and backpack. I am pretty organized right now. Currently my room is clean and organized, as well as my purse and backpack. Now, the trick is keeping it that way. But, if I clean my room once a week, it will be much easier to keep it organized.

4. I will set up a date to get together with The Missing Three within the next month. Hmm... I am pretty much failing when it comes to this resolution. I have only talked to them one or two times recently, and we have not set a date yet to get together. I will have to work harder on this one.

5. I will do ALL my homework within one hour of arriving home from school. At first, I was doing very well on this account, but I slowly became lazier, putting off my homework until later. This I will also have to work extra hard to reinforce. 

It's always nice to take a little break, so if you are feeling stressed, or just need to relax, picture yourself here on a warm, spring day- laying in the soft grass watching the clouds move across the sky:

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