Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mission: Organize my Space

I so wish my room could be straight out of a PB Teen Catalog. These people are geniuses- same goes for IKEA. They find a way to design clean, neat furniture that is stylish and colorful. But- they also design furniture that encourages organization. They have lots of drawers and bins to keep knick-knacks organized to reduce clutter. In an ideal world, I would be sitting here at my clean, white Pottery Barn desk, decorated with coordinating containers for pens and office supplies, typing away on my flawless macbook. But, in reality, I am sitting on my old carpeted floor surrounded by a hodge-podge of woods and white furniture handed down from at least 20 years ago, wearing down the already worn keys of my dinged up macbook. It may be surprising to hear, but I AM COMPLETELY OKAY WITH THIS. An ideal utopia world where everything is perfect may seem preferable, but I like the fact that no one is perfect, and we learn from our mistakes. I am fine with starting small and working my way up.

That being said, there are things I can do to make my room less cluttered and more relaxing to be in. I tend to hide the junk I know I don't need, but can't let go of in unsuspecting places- like crammed in decorative bins, hidden in vanity drawers, or on the top shelf of my closet (and I know I am not the only one.)

So, as an update on my resolution to organize my life, I am going to begin now and deep clean my room. As painful as this sounds to me, I need to do it, and my room can be a place to relax and do my homework in a stress-free zone. Here it goes, oh, and don't worry. I will be jotting some notes down on a pad of paper while I am organizing for some great tips to share with you.
A little inspiration to get me motivated:


See you in, oh, a few days?

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