Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live with no regrets

I came to a realization today, and that is why I started this blog. I am not usually the type of person to tell my ideas to the world, and I'm really not sure the world even cares. But, here I am. Here is my blog. We'll see what happens.
This is sort of my New Years resolution. I need some sort of outlet for my ideas, as well as an actual record of my resolutions. I need somewhere to make my plans concrete, so I will actually fulfill them. This brings me to the big realization. And here it is:

I am too afraid to live my life fully.

I mean, I am happy with who I am, and I do have my interests and aspirations. I work hard and have amazing family and friends. But as I look back, I see the opportunities that have passed me by, and I am going to start living my life by seizing every opportunity I can. I want to be spontaneous. I want to be exciting. I want to be happier. And, I realize that there is still plenty of time for me to try new things. I am a bit apprehensive about what I am getting myself in to. But I promise to do this for myself. I will make resolutions. I will fulfill resolutions. I will document my progress (and probably some fears, setbacks, inspirations, and maybe a few meltdowns) on my very own brand new blog.

So, for my very first resolution:
1. I resolve to live my life with no regrets.

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