Wednesday, January 13, 2010

IF ONLY... I was rich I could be fashionable.

I've used this excuse way too many times. I read Teen Vogue or Harper's Bazaar and see the glamorous jewelry for $100 or the to-die-for dress that would completely make my wardrobe for $600. Then I look at my meager babysitter's pay budget, and I can't afford to spend 60 bucks on a top at Nordstrom or even a $30 top from Macys.

But, not being able to afford name brand clothing does not at all limit your closet. Especially now that vintage and worn-looks are very fashionable. I can find a baggy grandpa sweater from the Goodwill that I swear I've seen in Vogue. Actually, you learn a lot from being on a budget. You learn to buy what you need- or sometimes splurge on something you want. But, you learn to be grateful for what you have. Plus, finding sales can be invigorating. It's really exciting when you find a $45 dress on sale for $10. You have to have a keen eye, patience, and know when and where to shop. When I go to the mall, I usually gaze at the pretty sweaters in the windows for $30, but I pass them up for the rack usually at the very back of the store labeled "SALE". You have to sift through the clothes that make you say I can see why this is on the sale rack. But you can almost always find a good piece of clothing on sale for half the price you would normally pay. And let me tell you, it feels good to know you've saved your money AND you have a brand new outfit you worked hard to find. My own personal money-saving excursion to the mall this weekend was very successful. I found huge sales including a Macys sweater for $10, two cardigans (and let me tell you, cardigans are my weakness... I can never have enough cute cardigans) for a whopping $15 a piece, and the find of the day, an adorable floral dress I can't wait to wear for fifteen dollars! This totally proves my excuse false so for resolution number two:

2. Never again blame my bank account for not being able to dress as I would like.

Some Fabulous Finds this week that prove you can be in-style on a budget:

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