Wednesday, January 13, 2010

IF ONLY... people didn't move my things, I could find them.

Let me just say it: I HAVE A TERRIBLE MEMORY AND I TEND TO LOSE THINGS... ALOT. That is probably my worst habit. Bad memory runs in my family, as my mother has lost her keys/phone/debit card/glasses countless times, and the rest of my family is almost as bad. But, out of all my siblings, I am most promising for following in my mom's footsteps... of losing everything. I am already doing great at living up to my role. I have lost my retainers almost 5 times... and am currently searching (and giving up hope of finding) my $75 retainer... I always lose important things like homework assignments, keys, and money. This only leads to being late because I can't find what I'm looking for, paying money to replace what I have lost, and practically losing my mind worrying about the lost item. Sadly, I also tend to blame other people when I lose things. I am done with the excuses and anxiety! I have a plan, and it is my third resolution to put this plan in action:

3. I will organize my life- starting with my room, purse, and backpack.

I am vowing to make this an enjoyable experience. Plus, once I am done, I will not regret it. I plan on never losing anything of considerable value again! We'll see how that goes.

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